Change your Perception
February 11, 2013
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Change your perception and get ready to change your life.

Most people don't know what to expect from hearing aids. Misperceptions and second-hand experience with bulky, whistling, old-fashioned analog devices continue to influence the way people think about all hearing aids.

But hearing aids have changed dramatically from a generation ago- from outward appearance to internal technology- making them vastly more appealing and effective.

5 tips to get even more out of your hearing aids

* If you wear directional hearing aids, you should fit facing the wall with the restaurant noise behind you

*Thake them into your hearing proffesional for regular cleaning and maintenance

*Make sure to keep fresh batteries on hand

*Turn off hearing aids or remove battery when not in use

*In public places with acoustic challenges ( theaters or conference halls), it is best to sit in the front and center of the room, where it offers the best acoustics