Hearing Aid Services
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October 22, 2012
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Dr. Amy Abbott -- A world Class Doctor of Audiology has new technology for hearing aid amplification. 

     For people who wear hearing aids, using the telephone can be frustrating. Not only can hearing and understanding be difficult, but feedback generated by placing the handset near the hearing aid can be distracting and annoying.

    There are actually several approaches that can be taken to help hearing aid users succeed on the phone. For users with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, we can offer telecoils, amplified telephones, inductive neck loops, as well as Bluetooth relay devices paired to cell phones.

    It is generally accepted that hearing with both ears is superior to using only one ear. This holds true for the phone as well, with the added benefit of eliminating distracting sound from the off side.

    The easiest and most elegant solution that we have found is to fit our patients with instruments that automatically stream the telephone signal from ear to ear. So when you hold the telephone up to one ear, you actually hear it in both. This will give the user a boost in volume and clarity for optimal performance on the phone.