Hearing Protection

We partner with Dr. Abbott and University Hearing Systems (UHS) to provide our clients with the best possible care when it comes to their Hearing Protection needs. 

Dr. Abbott and UHS provide the best Hearing Aids on the market today and offer Hearing Aids from most of the major manufacturers.

  1. Oticon 
  2. Resound (GN Resound)
  3. Signia/Rexton
  4. Starkey
  5. Unitron
  6. Widex

Below is more information about the many styles of hearing aids that are available today. 

What to expect on your first visit: 


On your first visit for a Hearing Aid Evaluation with Dr. Abbott, together you will discuss your lifestyle, how hearing aids can improve your lifestyle and which type of Hearing Aid is the best fit for your needs. See below an example of lifestyle and hearing technology pairings. 

Customized Hearing Protection: 

Hearing loss can occur because of any number of reasons: exposure to loud noise, head trauma, normal aging, or a virus or disease. While many of these are unavoidable, noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented.

Noise-induced hearing loss can be caused by exposure to one really loud sound or continuous exposure to any sound over 85 decibels (dB). To put this in perspective, normal conversation clocks in around 45 dB, heavy city traffic is 85 dB and a firecracker is 150 dB. 

The best thing that you can do to prevent most noise-induced hearing loss, is to always use earplugs. Whenever you are in a loud environment, such as a concert or a sporting event, earplugs should be worn. There are different types of ear plugs. from filtered plugs that allow you to hear music to solid plugs made for shooting guns. All are meant to help you enjoy your favorite activities while protecting your ears from the dangerously loud noises we experience daily. 

If you are going to be constantly exposed to loud noises or would just like a product that is more comfortable, custom earmolds are a great option. Custom earmolds are made from an imprint taken of the inside of the ear. The molding allows the ear plug to fit securely and comfortably inside your ear and provides the highest quality of sound protection. 

We have earmolds geared for numerous different hobbies, such as swimming, hunting nad playing or listening to music. If you enjoy any loud noise hobbies, come to FYZICAL Health and let our team explain how we can help you protect your hearing while you enjoy your hobbies!